Campaign America! the movie

It's a book - It's a Movie - It's a Movement!

Sara guides a spiritual guru's unlikely bid for the white house.

Dear Friends,

Are you as disgusted as I am with the way politics-as-usual is eroding our democratic system? How opinions have replaced facts, sound bites the message, and rhetoric stirs society to hate and fear what they don't understand. Let's imagine a more powerful future for our country, where right and left complement each other, opinions are replaced with facts, context is mandatory, and citizens see right through the rhetoric and demand the full picture.

I'm starting a Web Series called Campaign America! (see trailer for it above) that will produce weekly content reflecting (and spoofing) the election so sharply and truthfully that it might even affect how the politicians are running their campaigns. As current events come up in the news, we will react to them and give the Campaign America! response. This show will make you laugh but it will also make you think. The story is about Sara Lewinski - no relation! - the morally blind, cut-throat, politically- seasoned warrior, butting heads with her 3rd-party presidential candidate, John Haley, a parable-speaking, new age mystic without a political bone in his body. She has a little crush on him, which complicates things, and the right-of-right republican and left-of-left democrat advisors on their staff create unending drama.

They don't have any money, so scheming their way into the limelight is the only way to go. Sound like fun? Please tune in and watch what happens Ð and get involved by contributing ideas along the way! Together we can turn this political ship around - one tweet at a time!

Andrew Shepherd, founder of Converging Perspectives 

                                            "What We've Become" - cartoon by converging perspectives; illustrated by dragan milos

                                            "What We've Become" - cartoon by converging perspectives; illustrated by dragan milos