Get Real, California!

Get Real, Southern California!

I've been reflecting on this pseudo-wisdom that I see all over Southern California, and it is painful. People have it so cushy that they don't ever touch the ground long enough to know reality from their imagination. And this isn't a good thing.

When they then feel the need for action coursing through their bodies, as that urge hits its due date, they ramp up their positive thinking and plunge into a reality that they can't see. They've been unseeing it for so long, replacing it with this insulated make-believe world of spiritual goo-iness, that when reality smacks them in the face, they retreat back to the nest to cleanse themselves of this "false reality." They work even harder to fluff up their wings, believing gravity will support human flying with feathers and arm strength, and then, gradually with more timidity, they try again, only to crash and feel bewildered.

Back to their nest they climb, and instead of questioning physics or  their plan, they question the current trends of the universe, as all of their deluded friends are also struggling, and they blame it on the alignment of the stars, "It's mercury in retrograde." Not realizing that retrograde is a term used for the stars movement before astronomers understood that we are in orbit, giving the appearance of those stars moving backwards; the concept itself is based on false science, and the law we have made around it may operate through our collective consciousness, but it is merely a collective consensus built on a mistaken understanding of the universe. There is no retrograde; we made it up to blame our failures on something else.

Reality is right in front of us, and although we may not be able to fly with wings, we know we can fly when we tackle the physics of reality with hard work, science, and collaboration with people who are in touch with reality. Finding hope and confidence within is a valuable tool for priming us to work better, to notice opportunities, to be less emotionally entangled, and therefore act more intelligently. But we can't live in that bubble and expect to accomplish anything in the real world.

Come on, Southern California. Let's get real.

~ Andrew Shepherd