The Converging Perspective of Derek Black

"Derek Black, 27, was following in his father’s footsteps as a white nationalist leader until he began to question the movement’s ideology."

So begins Matt McClain's astonishing article i The Washington Post on the slow but dramamtic shift in perspective of Derek Black, son of one of America's leading white supremacist leaders. 

This article is a wonderful depiction of what we mean when we speak of "Converging Perspectives."  

In many ways this article represents the very essence of what we can hope to achieve when human beings are willing to walk a mile in a neighbor's mocassins and re-examine assumptions. It is not about moving from right to left or left to right, or from one side of an issue to another side, but of genuinely expanding the vantage point from which one can view the entire question, so that both "sides" of an issue are seen as linked and blending into one another, rather than as diametrically oopposed. 

We hope you will find food for thought in this, and in other articles that we will post or link to on this site. In this way we want to expand the conversation on how we can be better citizens in a time that so desperately needs us to embrace the extremes and - by that action - strengthen the center which is our common ground.

"The White Flight of Derek Black" article from the Washington Post - click to read


Derek Black; image credit: A. Hetherington, Redux; The Daily Beast