Does Contemporary Cinema Explain our Political Predicament?

"I'm going to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon in three movies," says David Wong, founder of the blog

He then proceeds to draw the parallels between the rise in the popularity of candidate Trump and the plot points and characters from Hunger Games, Star Wars and Braveheart (among others.) Essentially, says Wong, our movies have led us to believe that "the good guys" come from the margins of society, from the country, from the earth; "the bad guys" are slick schemers from the city.

This is the attitude that has been subtly but deeply hardwired into the American pysche through decades of film propaganda. 

Trump accuses Hillary of being one of the city-slicker-insiders, and himself as an outsider and champion of the downtrodden rural conservative. No wonder his support comes primarily from the rural south.

poll map from The Rural Blog

In this article we can see another angle to the rise of Donald Trump and understand more deeply how American media - in particular the film industry - creates certain stereotypes in the American subconscious.

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